Saturday, March 12, 2011

zFire's Xue's database hacked- proof made public

The first sign that zFire Xue's database had been hacked came on no2redzone's blog, where this anonymous comment was made:

Security Thru Hackscurity (12:35:24) :
"we hacked becuse zfire xue challenge hacker to hack. he so script child that it take second. site down. site back. second to access again. site go down come back. again. again. again access until he close hole which place everyone data in secondlife at risk. oh the thing we see lar. admin page with manual copybot name enter and list of added user. not detect by rz! manual! hundred user manual entered! user vasilisa shilova manual enter many name too! database dump say video true. he log wrong entered password. everyone owner redzone need change SL password! how we send database to linden with anonity? we still work on this. we not use or release database. we attach example admin log screen as access prove. we only hack becuse he ask. if he deny hack we post more criminate screen until doubt gone".

...and apparently Hackscurity makes promises not threats, because earlier today the following screenshots surfaced on The Alphaville Herald, proving not only their claims that zFire logs passwords entered onto his site as a way to potentially hack the user's Second Life account, but that he manually enters alleged copybotters into the system (rather than detecting them):

And if this new proof of zFire's deceit isn't damning enough, Hackscurity also released this screenshot, which logs traffic to zFire's hosted sites:

What is KoM, you ask?  Knights of Mars, a vigilante group to "assassinate" avatars for a price.  A group that brags about violating TOS and the ability to "kill" an avatar.  zFire Xue hosts the Knights of Mars site, in fact there's strong evidence that he runs it.

To all the Redzone users reading this, I again urge you to change your Second Life password immediately.  This isn't about ego it's about internet safety, and yours is in grave danger at the hands of the man you trusted to 
protect you, zFire Xue.

(For those wanting to stay informed, be sure check out SLU's very active and enlightening thread: Redzone Epic Thread Part Deux !)


  1. I really wonder what some his followers are thinking about all this. Sadly most of them are probably setting there saying this is all fake. Hopefully a few will see the light of the fact of what is really going on.

  2. I hope they are smart enough to change their SL password "just in case".

  3. What was that, some dodgy attempt to self-sustain a market?