Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quickware Alts -BANNED

Soft Linden commented on VWR-24746:

Thank you for the additional ARs, all. After some research and follow-up with some of you who reported, it's clear that there is no such thing as a ToS-compliant version of QuickWare Alts Pro. For lack of a good faith effort on resolving issues associated with this device, many assets have been blacklisted and accounts held. I can't go into specifics beyond that.

If you see QuickWare Alts Pro return under a new name or creator, please select the device and file Abuse Reports against the device's owner. Be sure to mention which specific device you have found.

As always, file ARs based on first-hand knowledge. There's nothing wrong with peers filing additional ARs to underscore importance. However, each person filing should take a close look and ensure they understand the object of the AR. They should personally be able to justify the AR if asked. Brief and verifiable is best.


  1. Yes!!! :)
    Another one down the drain - for the moment...

  2. hello could someone help me? I'm going into a store and am automatically banned ... for a time one day! then I try again and I am banned again! I do not know what to do because if I go with another avatar does not happen, only with a