Thursday, March 10, 2011

zFire talking about sharing people's RL data and hacking SL passwords

UPDATE 3/10/11- People asked how we knew this video was real? zFire removed it from YouTube the minute he found out it had been leaked.  Too bad someone had already made a copy elsewhere.  I've updated the link below so it's viewable again :D

Also, notice his Redzone "Insantiyproductions" (his crappy spelling, not mine) profile at the bottom.  You'll clearly see the "mars006kb" profile where the original video was posted subscribed to it. (again, screenshots taken before he could delete the evidence)

I had this video bomb dropped on me tonight.

Apparently zFire, creator of Redzone, made this video for his girlfriend.  If you listen to the video, you will hear him not only bragging about giving her access to his database information, but revealing people's RL locations and even attempting to access people's Second Life accounts based on failed password attempts on his own site.

Yes, you read that correctly, trying to figure out people's Second Life password by their failed password attempts on his own isellsl website.

Have a look for yourself, be sure to turn the volume up!!!

I have no idea who leaked this originally, but I do know it's a private video that can't be found in search.  You can only view it with a direct link because it was never meant to be seen publicly.  He also mentions his Redzone website, 'isellsl', by name.  I also noted it's not new- it was uploaded on August 3, 2010.  That means this video was made long before any of the Jiras or Greenzone.  

I'm guessing the Redzone camp will all be rushing to change their Second Life passwords now.


  1. That's real. If you have ever talked to him on the phone that's Mike...

  2. I agree. Ran the voice with voice from his other videos on the same channel, and it is the same voice. Matched the silhouettes of the head, same head

  3. I agree, Loretta. If you go to no2redzone's site (the link is on the right side of the page) he posts another video to compare it to, too. It's definitely him.

  4. the Unibomber couldnt stop writing letters either. Maybe he just outs himself for pathological fun.

  5. Of course now he's accusing the GZ folks of photoshopping the dates. Then someone links the google cache. Now he's accusing GZ folks of hacking Youtube. Then he sorta wanders off in his own little speech....

    Finally a few of his followers are actually starting to think twice about him. Maybe they will go back and reread a lot of what he has said that hasn't been true. Start to realize they bought a protection/alt sniffer tool from a hacker with no morals.

  6. Well now whats left is convincing the owners with Redzone

  7. Yeah I had to laugh about him claiming the evil Greenies copybotted Google to change it's cache. Thankfully, as Potosi stated, a few of his loyal following are finally seeing the light.

    The Redzone groupies may have no love for me, but I truly hope that read this and change their Second Life passwords ASAP if they haven't already.

  8. I bet you all would go coocoo for coco puffs

  9. Well shome, at least we aren't drinking the red kool-aid.


    Well here is something you will all want to see.