Monday, December 6, 2010

Display Names

Well it's been a hot topic on the flogs for weeks, and yes, I'm still bitching about it.

Phoenix is now Display Name compatible, which is fine, being as everyone has a choice whether to use it or even see it.  I think I turned on the Display Name feature for all of 5 minutes, got seriously annoyed, and disabled it.  After yet another debate about it, I started to think about why I hate this feature so much.  The answer was clear.  In my eyes, it takes away the uniqueness and identity of the people inhabiting Second Life.  

When we all had first and last names, rather than user ID's, our  name was our identity.  Some people made crap choices of name, like babygirlboinker or MasterBaiter, but regardless of name choice they were our identity.  That identity was much like our real life name, like it or hate, you were stuck with it and it's who you were known as.  It made us all unique.

I've heard the argument that by not viewing Display Names and acknowledging them, I am being rude and offensive, because I'm not using the name the person has chosen.  I disagree.  They chose their name (user ID) when they created their account.  That was 100% their choice.  I use the original name they chose upon signing up for Second Life.  If they want to change their name weekly, that's also their choice, but it's also my choice to ignore names that change as frequently as underwear and stick to their user ID to cause myself less confusion.  Seriously, if you're Daniel today and Sarah tomorrow, it's not my job to keep up with your identity crisis.  

On the same note, the fact the names on my friends' list changes with people's Display name seriously pisses me off.  I was looking on my dashboard to see who's online, and I see "Rusty" on my friends' list.  Rusty?  Who is Rusty?  I know I didn't accept a friend request by anyone with this name.  I'm supposed to guess who hell Rusty really is?  Are you kidding me?  I'm lucky to remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, let alone keep track of people's changing names as they appear on my friends' list.  It's just ridiculous.

So there's my first blog rant- feel free to swoon over Display Names and tell me how much you disagree.  I really don't much care.  Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and this one happens to be mine ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Such a nerd...

Well it's happened, I've become one of the many e-tards with a blog based on Second Life experiences.  Go me! :D

Though admittedly, this will end up being more than just Second Life related.  I mean, I am an actual human being behind the screen.  Thankfully my life doesn't revolve around Second Life and my real life will always take priority over all else.  Consider that your warning that there will be real life rambles.

More to come soon!