Despite changes to TOS, there are numerous products on the market that can and will invade your privacy.  Here are some steps to keep yourself safe:

Disable media.  Just having your media switched 'off' on your player is not enough, it must be disabled entirely.

Disable cookies and do not allow pages to open in an external browser.

Also, listing the following addresses on your host file will block the most common alt detectors from being able to access your IP, including Redzone, Sparrow Industries, and Quickware Alt Detector:

On a PC, go to Windows/System 32/Drivers/etc/host
  • Open the host file (using notepad is the easiest way)
  • Go the first blank line at the bottom
  • copy/paste this onto the host file: isellsl.ath.cx isellsl.com girlsofthevip.com hamlinpro.com syscast.net media.syscast.net apache2-blow.port-au-prince.dreamhost.com www.quickware.net quickware.net quickware.zapto.org wh0.zapto.org m.sparkgap. info www.sparrowindustries.net
  • Save and close the host file

Finally, there are viewers available with a media security patch that allows you control what you connect to:

When using these viewers, you will get a pop-up that looks like this:
  • Allow- play selected media/music URL
  • Deny- does not play selected media/music URL 
  • Blacklist- never allows selected media/music URL
  • Whitelist- always allows selected media/music URL
When you get a pop-up for urls that gather private information, such as the one pictured above for Redzone, simply hit "Blacklist" so they can never attempt to play via your media again.

Remember, we are all responsible for our own security.  Take the necessary steps to protect yourself.