Saturday, March 5, 2011

Police Department in Romano, Redzone Free

Earlier today I had made a post about the Police Department in Romano using Redzone and asking for consent to check alts.  Tonight, I received an IM from the sim owner, Cdurd770 Halfpint.  He was most gracious and kind throughout the conversation, and I learned he had been out of Second Life this week so he wasn't able to remove the device requesting consent.  Below is our conversation (which I post with his permission):

[21:55]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Hi there, thanks for visiting my sim :)
[21:55]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Love the blog as well.
[21:55]  Theia Magic: Oh hello!  You're the police guy, yes?
[21:55]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: I am!
[21:55]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: (disarming to chat)
[21:55]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: lol
[21:55]  Theia Magic: Nice to meet you, though I'm sorry under the circumstances.
[21:56]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Not a problem at all.
[21:56]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Let me first say this
[21:56]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: I don't log on much, so TOS changes quicker than I can log on to remove things.
[21:56]  Theia Magic: Heh and no need to "disarm", contrary to popular belief I'm not a bitch
[21:56]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: lol it's ok, just messin
[21:56]  Theia Magic smiles
[21:56]  Theia Magic: OOhhh so you didn't know?
[21:56]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: I read on my phone
[21:56]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: but
[21:57]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: I don't give return rights to my staff cause they tend to return my stuff.
[21:57]  Theia Magic nods
[21:57]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: so I have to get these things.
[21:57]  Theia Magic: I understand
[21:57]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: I jsut had a long long chat with another gz person. Very productive chat.
[21:57]  Theia Magic: It's been a whirlwind here this week, that's for sure
[21:57]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: It has.
[21:58]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Now, I'd like to air a few things about us, alt crap and who we're not if you hve time.
[21:58]  Theia Magic: Sure of course.
[21:58]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Plz feel free to put this on the blog, you have my perms.
[21:58]  Theia Magic: If you'd like me, to I will.
[21:58]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: PD has been around for almost 4 years.
[21:58]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: We do what we do for free, we work in about 50-75 sims, and have our networked protection system in some 1200 sims.
[21:59]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: We work around the clock, for free, to help people have a chance to enjoy SL.
[21:59]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: We devised some time ago, over a year in fact, a way to have a clue about people who are relentlessly griefing sims.... with alts
[21:59]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: But
[21:59]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Me being the nice person I am
[22:00]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: created this where names are not just shown
[22:00]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: and broadcasted to anyone.
[22:00]  Theia Magic nods
[22:00]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Someon griefs...
[22:00]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Yes, we look, we determine is this person this griefer????
[22:00]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: So we look and see if we get a visit from that person on that one sim.
[22:00]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: That's when we do what we do.
[22:00]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: RZ, bad idea.
[22:01]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Open to all with 3999
[22:01]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: bad bad bad.
[22:01]  Theia Magic: Yes exactly
[22:01]  Theia Magic: That's been my point all along
[22:01]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Do I use rz? Yes, my ban list is long, it helps
[22:01]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: lol
[22:01]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Even when our system would report to us via owner chat info about people
[22:01]  Theia Magic: I've heard that from many people, that they use it for the long banlist.  I wish LL would make the ban lists here unlimited, it would help many.
[22:02]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: we never disclosed it
[22:02]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: But, now, we've moved it all out of world, there's not even an option. It's just ban them.
[22:03]  Theia Magic: See and I don't doubt that you used it responsibly, but the problem is all the names scanned in are put into the database.  Up until this recent TOS change, people were using that database to do exactly what you were fighting against- grief and stalk.
[22:03]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Right. Agreed.
[22:04]  Theia Magic: You know, my heart goes out to people like you who bought Rz with the best of intentions.  I've met many similar.
[22:05]  Theia Magic: So, if it's ok with you, I'd like to make a return visit to your sim to verify the consent thingie is gone, then do a revision stating what we spoke of here tonight?
[22:08]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: Sure.
[22:08]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: I just now got the consent thingy. I thought I got it 3 days ago.
[22:08]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: lol
[22:08]  Theia Magic: May I ask if you removed Redzone entirely, or just the consent thing?
[22:08]  Cdurd770 Halfpint: I got them both.

I went to the sim to verify, and he did remove both the consent requester as well as Redzone entirely.

To Cdurd770, my apologies for any trouble all of this caused you, it wasn't my intention in the least.  After speaking with you today, I have the utmost respect for you and your organization.  Thank you. :)


  1. [21:58] Cdurd770 Halfpint: We do what we do for free, we work in about 50-75 sims, and have our networked protection system in some 1200 sims.

    Should have asked him about the guy on the Rz forum that said he'd get someone that spoke out about Rz 'banned from 1200 sims'

    The similarity in numbers seem a bit hinkey to me.

  2. Actually someone using that exact username over on the RZ forums said that in response to Magnus when he sent out those notecards and banned folks from his sims. If you want to see the post somebody has it up over on the JIRA in the attachment section.

    I may just have to go and see what other posts Cdurd770 has made over on those forums and compare them with what is being said here.

  3. I just looked, and when I search his name I only come up with 4 posts (though you can't search by profile without joining, so I couldn't do that). And yes, it was in response to Magnus banning him.

    As I see it, my issue was the consent device and Redzone itself. Both are now removed. Even if he's trashed me over there in the past (though I don't believe he has), along with banning Magnus, it's irrelevant to the topic at hand.

  4. I think it's relevant as to who he is and what his organization does. The banning wasn't a response to griefing. It was a response to a personal feud. These weren't *his* sims he had Magnus banned from.

    He uses the service he provides in personal vendetta. It's not professional. It does nothing to help the community. The implication is "Agree with me or *you* could be next".

  5. That may be true, but you said the important part- personal feud. Magnus sent him a NC banning him, he retaliated and banned back. However, as I stated (and can be seen here) he was not threatening or abusive towards me even remotely. He was very respectful. His character as a person, his security firm integrity, and his personal feuds are still irrelevant to my post on his sim and Redzone. It was about him using Redzone and a device requesting consent alts, so I am staying strictly on topic with facts relevant to it.

  6. Hi, I'm now becoming a reader of this blog. I'd love to have a chance to clear my name here. Magnus was overly hostile, and did receive a 6 day ban. I don't issue bans longer than that except in extreme circumstances. He was banned because of his spamming of myself and other residents who use our services. Spamming is an annoying crime. Do take time to read up on me, what I do, and give someone a chance before you degrade them. And in RZ forums I am honest and see both sides. My chat log is above, that is not fake, nor is it me telling people what they want to hear. I told RZ the same thing. Cdurd770 Halfpint

  7. You're more than free to speak your mind here, Cdurd770, and you most certainly do have the right to defend yourself against any and all accusations.

  8. Um, Theia... for all intents and purposes, it seems that this might be a bigger scoop than you realised.