Thursday, March 3, 2011

More ranting from the Redtards

"by crackerjack » Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:32 am
have you been over to theia magic yet to ask her about her insurance business, you know the one where she goes around stalking people then making all sorts of threats and accusations, and advocates all kinds of harrassment against people simply because they wont cave in to her demands regarding her opinion that redzone should be banned. In exactly the same way that criminals go around demanding that shop keepers hand over money so their shop wont get smashed up and their customers hassled?
now if you can point to any similar outrage in the advertising of redzone i would agree, but you see your perception of what needs to changein redzone and what actually needs to change may be two different things"

I felt the need to address this because quite honestly, the dude is pulling this out of his ass.  Anyone who knows me knows I advocate change through education, not griefing or harassing.  In fact, I have publicly stated more than once that I will have no part in any harassing, griefing, or otherwise illegal activities.  With the exception of Dilbert, I've never even had a cross word with a merchant using Redzone. (and he's the dipshit that verbally attacked me in-world)  

To the Redtards, I'm truly flattered that you love me so much my name seems to constantly drip from your mouths.  But I gotta tell you, lies based in desperation isn't very becoming.


  1. I sometimes think that we really don't need to criticize RedZone at all: all that is really required is to give a soapbox to RedZone's most vocal supporters, of whom crackerjack is merely the most vocal, and let them sink their own ship with the idiocy of their own statements. If zFire wasn't so busy putting his own foot in his mouth, he'd realize that his own forums are the worst possible PR for his product, and close them.

    Anyone of even moderate intelligence who knows anything about you, or has followed you through this controversy, would dismiss the fatuous suggestion that you are a griefer or harasser our of hand. Ironically, in fact, you are one of the more measured voices.

    You should probably take this attack as a testimony to how effective you've been in exposing the deceit that underwrites the entire function of this toxic little device.

  2. They are their own worst enemy, aren't they? This most recent attack on Theia is so ridiculous it borders on funny. Thankfully the truth is finally dawning on people and eventually all the viewers will be patched and this thing will become a dead issue, starving database dies starving.
    This stuff is priceless just for the lulz, tho. Thanks for putting up with these jackhats and sharing it with us too, Theia.

  3. Thanks :) I just find it amusing because it's so absurd, especially since my friends' list has grown considerably through all this- by adding former Redzone users who I'd initially contacted about the problems with it. In fact the person who brought this post to my attention is a former Redzone user, and he was truly pissed to read this because (as he stated) "You were nothing but kind to me, even when I was using Redzone and you were boycotting my store".

  4. Crackerjack wuvs you Theia:
    "well with people like theia magic around you wont have a choice because she will come and hassle you for hours on end, then post your sim name up and your name so others can come and hassle you, your customers, everyone until you stop using a TOS compliant tool they dont want you to have
    now I hope you take this and shove it up theia magics arse like you keep trying to stuff it to people here - go hassle someone like theia magic that attacks innocent people"

    I'm still waiting to see proof of you hassleing people for hours on end. But then again in his head he probably sees your blog as that. Small minds and all....

  5. LOL Crackhead *coughs* Crackerjack loves to talk about me. As Merlynn stated above, they are their own worst enemy and Crackerjack definitely lead the race in making themselves look ignorant fucktards.

    I'm waiting for that proof, too Potosi. Especially considering I don't spend a moment longer in Redzone sims than necessary and only list them if they're intentionally hiding Redzone. As stated before, I do admit to pushing Dilbert's buttons when I found Redzone hidden at Sweethearts, but even then I was polite until he got stupid with me. (the only reason I made a big deal about it was because he'd publicly accused me of lying about it- I proved I he was the one lying not me)

  6. Well it's getting even better:

    "oh rly?
    go tell that to your bully boyfriend theia magic, because she is at the very forefront of the hate and retribution campaign in SL to hassle, stalk, out, and be a nuisance to many many sim owners and if you want i will post some proof"

    Yeah Crackerjack it's quite apparent that you do read the comments here now. So... when are we going to be seeing this proof?

  7. LOL I agree, Potosi. I'd love to see some proof I've hassled, stalked, and/or bullied anyone :)

  8. For his own sake and well-being, crackpot needs to spend less time on the RZ forums and more time on the "couch". His comments about you are bordering on obsession (similarly with the Phoenix people over Emerald). You won't see any proof because he has none. His role over there has the sole purpose of inflaming, but even the RZers are seeing him for the nutbar that he is and steering clear of him.

  9. Believe me Theia, these people never change their attitude. They already are gone too far. They know that verbal humiliation is a tool that hurts people deep, so deep you start doubting human kind. This Redzone was and is being misused by these character. The ones who need weapons of mass destruction. I believe it's only a handful of them. I know they use lots of alts and forum names, but keep it well hidden. I had one of those on my tail too, and after he started to harass me on forums where i post, he also started to harass me in SL. And that for the only reason that he thought he could humiliate me because of his big .. tool. The names i've been called. The text i've been reading regarding me. I was everything bad you ever could imagine. Words used, sentences, and sayings, in the worst case ever. In it all i tried to use normal vocabulry. In it all, i tried to keep convincing myself, there comes a day it all will turn against these guys. This moment is now happening. And it is because we are the ones on the right side, and they are the ones who don't deserve a life. When we read what they write in their pathetic forum, it's nothing but cursing. Shows exactly what they are and probably they are even writing to themselves.

  10. Theia you are being a bit harsh about the red zone forum, I find it very entertaining! Yes, scylla, you are right but I think crackerjack is an undercover greenie planted in the red zone camp to totally discredit them .....and he is doing an excellent job.