Thursday, February 17, 2011

This crazy Second Life I lead

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of chaos.  This blog went from like 30 views to over 3000 in a matter of 10 days.  My time online seems to be dedicated to dealing with Redzone stuff lately.  Hell I've even become one those pretentious sounding "my IM's get capped" people.  Thank God my offline IM's go to my email, I'd have to shoot myself if I actually had to put a blurb about capped IM's and notecards on my profile.  

 So...yeah.  I log into offlines about everything from people wanting information on Redzone or Greenzone, people leaving me lists of locations to check out for my lists, and even threats from Redzone asshats via alts.  I know right?  How funny!  I find it comical as hell that the people so busy busting everyone else's alts, use alts to bash me.  My response to these idiots is always the same: Get your balls out of your mom's purse, strap those bad boys back on, man up, and face me on your main avatar.  Otherwise, I have no use for anyone so spineless they feel the need to hide behind a throw-away alt.  I'll go head to head with just about anyone who wants to debate me- unless they're so cowardly they have to hide behind an alt to do it.

There is a silver lining in all this recent turmoil in my Second Life.  In my travels around the grid in search of Green locations, talking on the forums, and even chat in the Greenzone Group in-world, I have met some really cool people.  It always does my heart good when in the middle of a veritable crisis, some truly awesome people emerge to be the light at the end of a dark tunnel.  It's these people that make being in Second Life not only worthwhile, but also give me the desire to keep fighting so hard for what I believe to be ethically right.  So to all those people who've offered me everything from information to a kind word of encouragement- thank you. :)


  1. Theia - here's a thought. If a product like redzone can, or at least supposedly can - identify alts stemming from a common IP source, then couldn't a product like it - assuming it could actually be made to reliably work - identify accounts with no alts whatsoever? What if SL created some sort of enrollment category for such people, who could then post something in their profiles as "verified non-altable"? Might clarify some things, huh? I mean as always, I'm sure that people will cite lots of reasons why "it could never work" - but what if it could? My two cents.

    Eveline Nixdorf

  2. You unwittingly championed what's turning out to be an important issue. Many of history's leaders found themselves similarly surprised by their sudden thrust into figurehead-dom.

    Keep up your spirits. It'll probably get frazzling at points but it'll calm down again eventually. Then some other Major Issue will have folks' undies in knots.