Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hiding Redzone? Sweetheart's Jazz Club is!

I highly suspected some places were flat out lying about their use of Redzone and had found a way to hide it.  After some testing with Rivan, my suspicions grew even higher.  Last night I downloaded the Cool Viewer with extra media security, and my suspicions were proven true.  

The perfect example- Sweethearts Jazz Club, owned by the arrogant and deceitful Dilbert Dilweg.  He swore up and down all the forums he didn't use Redzone, and even had the nerve to accuse me of lying that he had used Redzone.  Here's some of the highlights:

Dilbert: "Where is it on my land? can you produce material proof? Or just a he said she said BS?

 Of course you dont know what I am talking about . Nor do you have proof of what you are talking about."

Dilbert: "Again I am not using Redzone lmao.. yall working up accusations because 1 person says so?
 So lets go back to this post about Redgrave at the beginning. So according to you then all these places listed by the OP are accesories vbecause they used it for a long time? Sweet. you just discredited this post.
 And again I am not using Redzone lol"

Oh really, Dilbert?  You're not using Redzone?  You're a liar, just like I said all along.

And there it is, the Redzone trying to access my computer, while standing on the landing spot of Sweetheart's Jazz.

The moral of this story?  That some deceitful business owners have found a way to hide their Redzone, so we must be more careful than ever.  
... oh and that I advise everyone to spread the word and boycott Sweetheart's Jazz as well as other establishments owned by Dilbert Dilweg. I don't think anyone wants to do business with a liar.

UPDATE:  It seems Dilbert doesn't enjoy my blog:

[12:40]  Dilbert Dilweg: I take this as harassment and will file
[12:40]  Dilbert Dilweg: piss off
[12:40]  Theia Magic smiles and waves ...I have no idea what you speak of, I did nothing inside of second life or on their forums :D
[12:41]  Dilbert Dilweg: it was put u[p 2 days ago dip shit
[12:41]  Dilbert Dilweg: now fuck your self in the ass and do not harass me
[12:41]  Theia Magic: awww now I can legitimately AR you for harassing and name calling.  :D
[12:41]  Dilbert Dilweg: I have told the world i use it
[12:41]  Dilbert Dilweg: fuck you
[12:42]  Theia Magic: Not even with a dog's dick and someone else pushing, have a nice day!
[12:42]  Dilbert Dilweg: yuou bully fuicks will see  in the end
[12:42]  Dilbert Dilweg: do not message me again
[12:42]  Theia Magic: mmhmmm enjoy your day!  buh bye little boy!


  1. Yeah another place I will never visit. Even if RZ is banned and deleted from the grid. We need to start a list of place that were just plain assholes to begin with and avoid those.

    Also sounds like we need a GZ Mark II that reads the media stream.

  2. "[12:41] Dilbert Dilweg: I have told the world i use it"

    I'm guessing he did that at [12:40]?

    LOL.. what a dilpickledick

  3. Exactly what I've discovered, they're trying to hide the probes. From now on I won't trust any sims or merchants, no more explorations, no more spending money, except the places I know for sure are safe.

  4. I am wondering if you would mind checking Builders Brewery. A place I enjoyed going before I found out they were using Redzone. They don't appear to have it anymore when I use green zone but my trust in them is at a all time low sadly.

  5. Hi Grace! I'm happy to report I just spent considerable time checking out all the locations within Builder's Brewery, and there's no sign of Redzone or any other alt detection devices. I've added them to my 'safe list' as Rz removed :)

  6. Thanks for the headsup Theia . Blacklisted.
    It's a shame that there's so many unfortunate users scuppered into buying this crap.
    It looks like the powers that be at Linden Lab are finaly seeing sense.

  7. Thank you so Much Theia!!! I really appreciate you looking. I can relax some.

  8. @Theia: Yes, Builder's Brewery has removed Redzone after a long discussion last week.

    @all: This was just posted by Soft Linden on the Jira (listen to the death tolls):
    Hey, all. I got the go-ahead to give an update on zF Red Zone specifically. Again, thank you for the ARs with specific info about violations. These have been very helpful for letting Lindens know what's going on.

    Tuesday morning, we removed zF Red Zone from the Marketplace for a second time. We removed the in-world vendor distributing the item as well. We determined that zF Red Zone was still in violation of our Terms of Service and Community Standards.

    We asked for removal by no later than today of all zF Red Zone functionality that discloses any alternate account names. That is, even if consent is asked, the service may not act on the consent. In addition, we asked for removal by no later than Friday of the interface for and any remaining implementation of the zF Red Zone consent mechanism because it does not comply with our policies. If these updates are not made, we will take appropriate steps to remedy the violations.

    This will be the death sentence for Redzone, but not for the illegitimate children it was spawning in its wake, so the fight is not over.

    But the gods have spoken, and they have spoken mightily!

  9. First, I'm never eating while reading your blog again. The screen now requires cleaning from the dog comment.
    Next, Dilbert is such a lying sack of excrement. I remember that thread, where he tried to come off as holier than thou and just looked like a real slimball.
    Lastly, Thank goodness LL has finally come out about this system. I hope that this is the death knell, for all the systems that try to do the alt detection,including CDS, if they are doing it also.
    Great job Theia for all you have done, to help bring this to the light and let people know about these systems.

  10. I am sorry But All I see is a URL and with the foul language and demeanor coming from you I would say you have a bit more to go after here.

    I don't see the actual object . Where is it?
    Why can you not produce more than just a Small URL that may have been just a link to forums right?
    Photo shopped BS?
    Where is your pictures of the "probes" floating by? The Owners of the objects? get some pics of this proof. I am not buying it :)

  11. Woah? Don't you have respect for Second Life Terms of Service? Posting "Private conversations" ? What ? Do you feel is okay to do so on a third party website?
    So in all actuality the same can be done with your alt info? Or do you pick and chose what privacy issues you stand behind?
    I would be more apt to beleive a person who displays a genuine respect for the SL TOS even outside SL before I would have any type of belief to their story :)

    I am Ashamed to see you can not even hold up to your own standards :)
    What a sack lol

  12. Awww I so love angry RedTard that come troll my blog. Are you Dilbert, shoemesumptin? Or perhaps his fanboi? Either way, your ignorance level is astounding.

  13. No Just a concerned person who sees You as more of a griefer than anything.
    Your goal is to " slander" without proper proof of anything other than a URL. . A good Investigator would the it a step further and show the objects in question and the actual owner of the object..
    Have more proof. Back up your ass.
    Wht did you dlete my post on the other Story? Can't handle the truth?
    Shows you are merely a loud mouth with nothing to back your mouth up with
    Trolling? You post controversial stuff. Expect some responses :) And you should not pick and chose which ones you allow show.. It just makes you look extremely guilty of doctoring your findings.

  14. No, you're a butthurt RedTard fanboi that is all upset that your stalker tool not only no longer works, but that you can't hide it from the public anymore. And again, I deleted nothing. However when you psycho post to the blog, the software is designed to automatically send posts to the spam bin. Fail harder, troll.

  15. Sure you did on another one of your stories. But that's okay. you Even edited some.. Shame on you. And it was the first post I posted today that got deleted. Shame shame :) try to come up with another "likely" story. I love how you put labeles and tags on a person. Like Tard? I am sorry but that word is unacceptable as a human to another human. You are a disgrace to human nature associating a retarded/handicaped person with malice. When someone is here to refute your discoveries. Your defensive attitude and posture says it all. Sign of guilt. Glad to see you at least have 1 bit of conscience. You are sad
    Grow up

  16. sho, you need a hobby, because you suck at trolling. I don't have battles of wits with the clearly unarmed, and I don't defend myself to idiots. Go ahead, rant on. We'll point and laugh as you do :)

  17. Here I quote Dilbert
    "One day 3 people came in spamming my guests and chat about redzone. I never knew what it was.. Come to findout I was being targeted for having the throne ZFire Xue made on the land. Greenzone finds objects made by him. We do this funny thing on king and queen event day with it. So i went to the forums to see if I could find anything. I seen a forum post about how it found alts etc. So I said wow! this thing sounds like it works. So I got it and used it for a couple of weeks to see what it was all about. I didnt like the Way it was freely giving alt info with the hud. So I stopped using it at that point but it is a great tool and did its job all the way. Now that they do not display alt info. I might or might not start using it again at the club. But haven't for a little while now. Only on another parcel on the sim . I threw up dummy prims for a week just to mess with those greenzone griefers heads.. love to see them get all worked up over nothing. Sick of em :) You can always go to Franks Place I guess. He has been using it for 2 years."

    I asked Dilbert about his use of it.. That is what he had to say
    You are just a pit bull wanting to start trouble for someone rather than help the community. But that is your reputation :)

  18. Tsk Tsk, shomesumptin....or rather Dilbert... haven't you learned your lesson about lying yet? Apparently not. Hate to be the one to "out" you and your lies yet again but here goes:

    Really, do you always sneak around without the balls to face me on your real avatar? It does seem to be your MO.

    Oh and for record, no one here is dumb enough to believe your lies. I suggest you re-read this post and you'll notice you've already put your foot in your mouth yet again.