Monday, February 28, 2011

The Skin Fair is Hiding Redzone

The 2011 Skin Fair is hiding Redzone.  

This infuriates me.  They have a script counter right at the landing point that will boot you if you're wearing more than 50 scripts.  They ask everyone to remove all prims and AO's to cut down on lag.  God forbid you don't waddle around bald, you're sure to be berated by someone for "contributing to the sim lag".

And yet, they use Redzone there??  A major lag monster?  And even go so far as to hide it??

According to the land settings, the sim is owned by the group Vanity Universe.  The group owner is Carl Crabe.  

It's pretty bad when we can't go to the Skin Fair without the lagtastic Redzone hypocritically hidden there.  Needless to say, I'm boycotting it and hoping others do, too.


  1. Yeah I suspected that, was there a few days ago and the lag was horrible, didn't stay long and won't come back.

  2. I knew there was a reason not to go there. ;-) Thanks for the data, Theia<33

  3. Looking at the list of Merchants there, I see several that made public announcements of removing Rz.

    My questions would be are they aware of it. And if they are, why are they still there.

  4. I'd have to guess many of the merchants are not aware Redzone is there, especially considering the fact it's hidden right on the landing spot.

  5. Gosh!!!! I actually sent an IM to Carl Crabe cuz I was confused between this prim count thing and redzone!!! Both has the same caliber of the scary message "You been teleported home".. But I didn't get any reply. Then I came to know through many that it was just a HUD to reduce the lag and sending people home with excess scripts. I got mails as well in flickr from one of the fair organizers confirming the same.. I won't go their either and If I knew before I wouldn't have gone there..

    Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention..


  6. Again another lowsey URL with no proof of an object or who the owner is..

    You are extremely terrible at investigations

  7. You're extremely stupid. Sorry, but it's the truth. I suggest you learn how the media patch works so you'll quit talking out your ass, making a complete fool of yourself.