Tuesday, March 15, 2011

zFire Xue and Redzone are GONE!!!

It's come to my attention in the last couple minutes that not only are zFire Xue and TheBoris Gothly gone from search, they're also gone from groups.

I am standing in the now empty Mad Sci City Shopping Mall, where everything belonging to zFire is gone.

You heard right.

Redzone and zFire Xue are GONE!!

(please Redzone tab for more info)


  1. Finally, something we were all wanting to see. Not only is a toxic element out of SL but hopefully this will serve as an example to others who think about following in his footsteps.

  2. Woot! Now we can listen to music unfettered again:-)

  3. Is being gone from search indicative of a ban or something else? I have a friend of old who was banned for an offence (a laughable accident) and the account is still search-able to this day.

    Could he have just simply packed up and set-up somewhere else?

  4. pfft. redzone still available on the marketplace.
    and as long as LL does not take LEGAL steps against the person behind zFire, he'll just come back on a new alt (ironic, isnt it).

  5. I am deeply humbled by the momentum this movement has achieved. I am humbled by the voices that made themselves heard, demanding nothing more and nothing less than what is their human right.

    This now is really a victory, a victory not only for Greenzone, not only for those fighting against Redzone, but a victory for all of Second Life.
    Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day! Let us all celebrate this day as the day of freedom from oppression.


  6. @Adromaw- he's definitely banned, without a doubt. If your friend still shows in search it's because it's a temp ban.

    @Lance- if you bought it at the Marketplace, the purchase would fail to go through. But I agree, legal action must be taken against him.