▷Sparrow Industries◁

Update 3/16/11- Sparrow Industries is now TOS compliant and no longer reveals alts.
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Yet another contender in the alt business, Sparrow Industries, owned by Jacks Sparrow.  As you can see from the pictures below, he brazenly advertises alt detection, a direct violation of TOS.

Here's a portion of his product notecard:

"She is using Menu Driven System within you are able to control your bot from everywhere. Don’t let that her number of prims make you think that she is not powerful. New feature of this beauty is ALT DETECTOR that will scan every avatar in your land and notify you about their possible alts in your local chat, or your E-mail if you are offline from sl, or over E-HUD if you have a licence for it."

"When you press ANTI ALT button on your HUD a blue pop up menu will apear on your right upper screen corner, with buttons, ENABLE - starts the scanner, DISABLE - Stops the scanner, HideInfo - will display in chat only avies with possible alts, ShowInfo - will display in chat the checks that the system performs, AttackAlts - will attack all the detected alts of the person you have in your attack list, AllowAlts - will not attack any identified alt."

And here is the URL that pops up when it scans you:

I once again encourage everyone to follow this slurl and AR the products in violation of TOS:


  1. Well I found this one in Lion Skins store last week, a former user of RZ, but didn't know at the time what it was, TG, I clicked Deny. Thanks Theia for all the work you do.

  2. I even stood there in her store talking to her, saying; "Yes I can see that you have removed RedZone, but I don't know what Sparrow Industries is" Her Answer; "Good"

    *BIG sigh*

  3. Ugh that would infuriate me! I'm in the process of re-checking places (again) right now for the very same reason.

  4. I'm so happy now that I trashed my LionSkins skins.